Criterium-Cromer Engineers Franchise Opens in South Florida

Criterium Cromer Engineers

Casey Cromer, P.E.

Criterium-Cromer Engineers, based in Miami Beach, Florida, recently began operations. Casey Cromer P.E., President, is a licensed, Professional Engineer and a native of South Florida.

Cromer has 10 years of forensic engineering and construction experience. He’s consulted on projects varying from single-family residences to high-rise condominiums, to construction collapses. Criterium-Cromer’s business practice areas include forensic investigations, expert witness services, litigation support, fenestrations, waterproofing, claddings, roofing, property condition assessments, post-tension cable inspections, aerial drone surveys, and more.

Casey noted why Criterium Engineers was a good fit for him:

The biggest appeal for me—with an engineering franchise—is that you skip a few years in the business startup process, compared to taking a very long time to build everything from scratch.

With a franchise, the systems are in place—and you are ready before you open for business. You may start up and become a functioning office as quickly as you want to be up and running.

On the other hand, starting from scratch—that takes a very long time. The metaphor I use is meticulously taking a rope ladder down a cliff compared to diving from the top!

With Criterium, you have instant access to a well-established brand, everything from your business card to your website is professionally designed and branded for you.

There’s liability insurance, standard terms outlined for agreements, and a variety of proposal templates to work with. You also have access to a team of experienced professionals. For example, you learn how to do marketing and what happens at the back end to help you be successful with your business.

Criterium truly showed me how to dot my i’s and cross my t’s and be confident in my business venture.

Criterium Engineers has evaluated over 850,000 buildings across North America since 1957. Criterium Engineers is focused on helping building owners, real estate investors, contractors and homeowner associations better understand the buildings in which they live and work—from design, to construction, occupation and beyond.