6 Ways We Help Clients Reduce Energy Consumption

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A quick search of the web tells us that reducing energy consumption is an infinite global issue and that there are several ways to achieve this. Based on current trends, we’ve put together a list of the top six ways Criterium Engineers helps our clients to reduce energy consumption in buildings through our many services.

  1. Identify equipment toward the end of its useful life
    We assist building owners in reducing building energy consumption by performing Standard Due Diligence Inspections or Capital Needs Assessments. HVAC systems are often the least understood, least noticed, and most expensive to maintain—and often forgotten until a catastrophic failure occurs. We visually inspect mechanical equipment and identify replacements based on remaining useful life or obvious signs of inadequate maintenance. The efficiency of older equipment is generally poor compared to today’s technology. Identifying equipment for replacement may automatically increase efficiency and provide a short payback in operating costs alone.
  2. Identify leaks
    Criterium is often called in to perform Forensic Evaluations to identify locations of water intrusion. And where there’s water intrusion, there’s air intrusion, which is one of the biggest factors in energy inefficiency in buildings. Infrared cameras are used to assist in a moisture intrusion investigation and they often discover other areas in the building envelope that could benefit from better insulation or air sealing to increase the building efficiency.
  3. Evaluate roof load safety
    With the growing transition to making residential and commercial structures “green” with renewable energy devices, we’re providing more and more Roof Load Evaluations for solar panel additions.
  4. Provide structural inspections
    Often the root cause of a structural problem is rot caused by moisture. Providing a Structural Inspection sometimes is also an opportunity to help a client understand how a better moisture barrier can prevent further deterioration of structural members. Reducing the moisture within the building also reduces the heating and cooling loads.
  5. Perform limited specialty inspections
    By performing inspections such as Blower Door Testing or HVAC Test and Balancing, we advise clients on how to best provide their residence or commercial building with a more complete air barrier to reduce infiltration. We also advise how to adjust the flow of air to areas where it will make indoor occupants more comfortable. When paired with thermal imaging, these tests and other energy audit techniques are considerably more effective at reducing energy consumption than relying on visual physical evidence alone.
  6. Navigate energy code compliance
    General contractors and architects are faced with a problem: energy code has changed and added complexity in the last eight years. So much so that it is all but required for these professionals to consult experts for the know-how to achieve code compliance. We keep ourselves updated on energy code changes and help our clients navigate them through our New Construction Energy Code Compliance Pre-Construction Reviews and Quality Assurance Inspections to make sure an energy efficient design becomes an energy efficient building.

If you would like to learn more about how Criterium Engineers headquarters works with our franchises to help them support their clients and reduce energy consumption, visit our website or contact us for additional information.