Criterium Engineers Franchise Process

The application process is straightforward, streamlined and thorough.  It involves some paperwork but it prioritizes transparent communication and requires careful thought by you and by us.  You have to determine whether a Criterium Franchise is right for you; we have to determine if you have what it takes to be a successful franchisee.  Our goal isn’t to hang as many Criterium signs in as many markets as possible.  Our goal is to create successful franchises owned by professionals who share our love of buildings, our passion for excellent service, and our commitment to ethical practices.

No single profile describes a typical Criterium franchise.  Many are licensed professional engineers, some are licensed architects, and others have varied backgrounds in construction, facilities management, design or technical fields.  They have in common:

  • Technical expertise – they are very good at what they do.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit – they want to own and run their own business.
  • People skills – they don’t care only about buildings. They also care about the people who live and work in them.   Criterium Engineers franchisees build long-term relationships with their clients.
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Step by step

It can take as long as six months to complete the application process, though the time frame can be much shorter – as little as one to two months – depending on where applicants are in their personal decision-making.  Once you know you want to move forward, nine steps will take you through the process before you open your own Criterium office.

Step one:  E-mail Criterium Engineers using this Learn More form or call us at 207-869-4224 to request an information packet.

Step two:  Schedule a preliminary telephone interview. We can begin to get to know each other and lay the groundwork for the application process.

Step three:  Return the questionnaire included in your information packet.

Step four: Review the Franchise Disclosure Document we will send you after we receive your questionnaire.

Step five:  Come see us in Maine.  We think this personal meeting is critical.  It’s an opportunity for us to answer your questions and for you to meet the professionals who will be supporting your office.  More than that: It gives us both a clearer, deeper sense of what the other is all about.  The information packet we send you will tell you a lot about Criterium; the questionnaire you submit will tell us a lot about you.  But those documents won’t provide the insights we will get from spending time together.

Step six:   Talk to existing Criterium Engineers affiliates.  We’ll make a complete list of them available to you.  They are your best source of information about the benefits and challenges of being a Criterium Engineers franchisee.

Step seven:  Review and sign the franchise agreement. This is a legal document.  We strongly suggest that you have an attorney review it for you.

Step eight:  Attend our training program.  This is an intensive, introduction to operating a consulting engineering business. It won’t tell you everything you need to know, but it will tell you much of what you need to know to get started.

Step nine:  Open your door – the one that now says “Criterium Engineers” on it.  You are ready to begin operating as a Criterium affiliate and business owner.

Independent – But Not Alone

Your acceptance as a Criterium affiliate marks the end of the application process, but it is the beginning of your long-term relationship with Criterium Engineers. We view our affiliates as partners.  We are committed to your success.   We will be with you from the day you launch your franchise to the day you decide to sell it, providing the resources and support that will help you build a successful enterprise.

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