Criterium-Williams is Office of the Month

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Criterium Williams Office of the Month

Dustin Williams, P.E., on right and new employee Jamie Robinson, E.I.T., on left.

Congratulations to Dustin Williams, P.E., and Criterium-Williams Engineers, our Office of the Month!


Our most recent nomination for Office of the Month began with Corey Riggs, our Texas-based Client Success Manager who works for Criterium headquarters office. Corey took the lead and shared his experience spending time in the field with Dustin Williams, president of Criterium-Williams Engineers and his team: Dustin was very informative, very knowledgeable of his work and how to answer my questions in a sense for me to understand and not feel confused. He seemed to be a great leader and advisor to his staff member, Jamie. He was very professional while out in the field but in a relaxing way that made our client seem to be more at ease; he was believable. I was very excited to get to meet and work alongside Dustin and Jamie for the day and would take the opportunity again, if ever requested.

Alan Mooney, founding president of Criterium Engineers, also recently spent a few days with Dustin on a condo project in Austin, Texas, and came away impressed with how Dustin handled his work on that project and how he is leading the way with his advanced use of technology to supplement his field work.

In addition to the impressions Dustin left on Alan and Corey, Dustin’s nomination is further strengthened by his continuous dedication to business growth. Some milestones he has reached include participating in two years with the Cultivate Advisors program, hiring his first employee (Jamie Robinson E.I.T., pictured above with Dustin), diversifying his business across all Criterium business segments (Construction Engineering Services, Commercial, Homeowner Associations, and Residential), and planning physically for more growth with an upcoming office move in July.

Congratulations, Criterium-Williams Engineers!