Engineer of the Year Award

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At our biennial conference for affiliates (franchises) and corporate staff, the Engineer of the Year Award was presented to Andrew Coffey of Criterium-Kessler Engineers. Andrew was not at the event, so owner Dan Kessler accepted for him and later presented it to Andrew in their Phoenix-area office. 

Andrew Coffey, Engineer of the Year Award

Dan Kessler, president of Criterium-Kessler Engineers presents the Engineer of the Year Award to Andrew Coffey.

The criteria we look for in the Engineer of the Year Award nominations are:

  • Put forward professionalism and quality standards
  • Exemplifies the standard you set for your office in the way they conduct themselves and the work products they produce
  • Manages risk
  • Keeps current on new products, materials and techniques and shares information with others

The award comes with a certificate and a $250 award.

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