New Member of the Million Dollar Club

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At Criterium Engineers Biennial Conference recently held in Tampa, we added a new member to the Million Dollar Club.

This award was added to our recognition program in 2003, to recognize offices that obtained annual billings of $1 million or more. Henry & Marilyn Jansen of Criterium-Jansen Engineers received the Million Dollar Club award. In addition, they were awarded with the Office of the Year at this event. The Jansens are based in the greater Toronto, Ontario, area.

Million Dollar Club inductees & Office of the year Marilyn and Henry Janson

Marilyn & Henry Jansen of Criterium-Jansen Engineers, based in the Greater Toronto, Ontario, area

In order to reach a million dollars, an office must:

  • Represent a high level of professionalism and service
  • Must command a local reputation built on relationships
  • Must be focused and determined
  • Be attentive to utilization and productivity