Is Now the time to Start Your Engineering Business?

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Starting your engineering business 1A Perspective on Recent Economic News

If you are considering starting your own engineering business, how do you determine when the timing is right to begin that venture? The time may be right now.

As an employee these times create indecision, feelings of instability and a lack of control over your future. Your high salary may not be as stable as you think. You are most in control when you can control your destiny, which is not necessarily the case when you are an employee.

Consider starting a business with Criterium Engineers’ proven business model. While no business is recession-proof, Criterium offices operate in diverse business segments that can help them navigate almost any business environment.

We are in the business of “buildings”—and whether they are homes, commercial office buildings, multifamily units, or homeowner associations—our clients always have needs for their buildings. Many of those needs are not discretionary. For example, Criterium’s services are needed when:

  • A building sells and needs an inspection.
  • Structural issues suddenly develop.
  • Alternate uses are considered, such as converting an office building into condos.
  • Energy audit is needed to explore energy savings opportunities.
  • Feasibility studies are requested to examine the viability of a proposed project.

Buildings and their uses will come and go, but they will always exist and therefore, our services will be required. Now is a great time for you to consider starting your engineering business. Set up a meeting with us at a time that is convenient for you, and we can talk about the possibilities.